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Amber grew up in the forests on the outskirts of Melbourne, when the world overwhelmed her growing heart she found solace under the nurturing umbrella of a fern tree, deeply connecting, from an early age, to the latent potency of the natural world.

Nature was her first love affair, capturing, inspiring and healing both head and heart in moments too many to mention.

Amber is an extremist to her very core. She has sailed a Barquentine tall ship past bears with white fur, climbed to 5,364 meters in -30 degrees, swam with drift ice and soared through the air attached to a balloon. She has watched the sky come alight with dancing ribbons of green, given birth at home and watched butterflies fly by whilst cradling a newborn. She has risen before dawn to watch the sun rise over the desert and watched bodies burn on the banks of a river. She takes great delight in experiencing the edges of this existence and feels most at home in the midst of polarity and all its marvelously confounding intensity. Perhaps this is why she has been forever drawn to motion and stillness in equal measure, for the true complimentary opposites that they are. Dance and photography have been the focus of an exhilarating artistic career spanning many rotations around the sun. Yet in these polar mediums there is much common ground to be found. There is sameness in the craft of composition, light and shadow.

Behind the lens Amber seeks space where intuition precipitates clarity, where moments reach out to be taken. Whether it be the precipice of chaos or the stillness of an outbreath Amber takes the viewer right into the visceral moment, the expression, the sensation.

Here you will find a selection of mesmerising moments plucked graciously from the fabric of time. They are at once a piece of a much larger puzzle and a complete puzzle on their own. These images create their own narrative, focus our gaze, open our hearts and invite us in. Much like those mythical ferns all those years ago.